We understand sometimes you just need help.

Since 1983 we have been assisting the residents of Reno County with immediate, essential, emergency and life enhancing support.  Contact us and we will help, or assist in helping, you find the support and resources that you need. 

Check out the programs we provide and see if we can be of help to you!

All of our programs are subject to funding and supply availability. Other rules may apply. No guarantees are expressed or implied.

Our Mission

To serve as a primary catalyst in Reno County coordinating with collaborating agencies, organizations, the religious community and businesses to coordinate and provide essential, emergency, and life enhancing services for the residents of Reno County.

“Nothing makes one feel so strong as a call for help.”
— Pope Paul VI (Italian Pope. 1897-1978)

What We've Achieved

  • We provide assistance to an average of 626 Reno County residents per month
  • We have helped Reno County residents with Rx medication by providing over $2000 dollars of support through August 28, 2017
  • As of August 28 we have provided 2267 backpacks and school supplies to Reno County students
  • Over 5,632 Reno County residents have received our services as of August 28, 2017
  • Parents of 562 Reno County teens received help with providing Christmas gifts to their teenaged child
  • An average of 427 seniors receive support though our Personals Program each month