Here's just a small sampling of the programs we have available.

Personal Hygiene Program

Laundry soap, shampoo and hair conditioner, bath soap, disposable razors, toothpaste and toothbrushes, sanitary napkins, toilet paper, combs and brushes, hand/body lotion, and other supplies.

Young Parents Assistance

We often have supplies for new parents that need a touch of help. Diapers, formula, and wipes are a few things we provide when we have them.  

Medicine Assistance Program

Partial funding for  you to get your “life sustaining” medication. Antibiotics, diabetes and heart medications are on the list. Pain medications and narcotics are not provided.  

Operation Back To School

Provides essential school supplies to students pre-K through high school. We provide a backpack full of the things you need for a great start to the year. 

Caps for Reno County

Get a stocking cap, scarf or gloves. You just need to drop by.

Teen Christmas Program

We provide Christmas gift assistance for 13 through 18 year old teens if there is a need and you live in Reno County.

Jump Start Program

We provide a limited amount of gasoline vouchers so you can get to your doctors appointment outside of Reno County or to your new job in Reno County.

Pause a Moment Program

If you are hot or cold, come by, you can warm up or cool down in our lobby. We will give you a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa for your insides, too.

Rent/Utility Assistance

We partner with other agencies, organizations and churches to provide partial rent and/or utility bill assistance.